Pulse Survey

Whether employees are working in an office or remotely, pulse surveys offer a real way to gauge, monitor, and actively manage your employee sentiments and drive them towards your success.

What is a Pulse Engagement Survey 

Employee pulse engagement survey is a human resource technique for the purpose of evaluating the engagement level amongst the workforce. Giving out an engagement check-in survey or standard employee pulse survey only needs to have 5 to 15 questions, and all questions are targeted directly to what is needed. 

It also works best if questions can be answered minimally, such as with a “Yes or No,” multiple-choice type, or using only one sentence. Questions can cover anything such as home-work environment, tech set-up, task distribution, and even the health and mental wellbeing of employees.

Pulse surveys

Why Do Surveys in the First Place?

Understand and measure the current engagement level of employees

Where employers want to measure the state and drivers of employees sentiments within their organisation, Pulse Surveys offer a cost effective and objective way to assess employees ‘ situation.  Pulse surveys can be used in many different ways to measure whether your people are engaged or disengaged, tempted to move to a competitor or not , developing isolation stress or simply aligned with the company decisions and project. Pulse surveys can also sometimes be referred to as “employee satisfaction” in a reduced version and used to evaluate factors such as recognition, pay and benefits, job role, training and development opportunities, leadership, and work environment.

Give employees a voice

Pulse surveys give employees an avenue for open feedback in a “safe” way. It makes employees feel that they have a stake in the company, and their ideas and opinions are valued.

Make employers aware of employees’ state of mind

A pulse survey can also determine the state of mind and mental status of employees working remotely. It can make employers aware if there is anything that is affecting employee productivity.

How Long Should a Pulse Survey Be?

What Specifically Should Pulse Survey Questions Focus On? (With some samples)

Employee Satisfaction

  • On a range of one to ten (ten being the best), how gratified are you at work?
  • In one sentence, if you were the owner, how would you improve the company?

Manager or Supervisor Satisfaction

  • Do you feel appreciated at work?
  • When you last accomplished important work, did you get appreciated or recognised in any way?

Employee Retention

  • Given a chance, would you re-apply to your present job?
  • Do you anticipate still being employed in the company two years from now?

Questions About Remote Work

  • Do you believe that you are being remotely monitored enough, or too much?
  • On a range of one to ten (ten being the best), how do you rate your work from home environment?

HomeSquad.io Can Help You with Pulse Surveys

HomeSquad.io offers an efficient way to run pulse surveys in your organisation. Using the out of the box set of surveys, you will be able to gather information on subjects such as: employees engagement, retention, mental wellbeing, team spirit or simply your people demographics. Our advanced surveys modules help you to prepare for the “Best place to work” submission, dig deeper into more specific subjects like isolation feelings etc…  And if this is not enough, you will be able to create and deliver your own tailored surveys. For a complete picture of how these pulse surveys work, and to discover the other wonders of HomeSquad.io, visit our website at  https://homesquad.io/.

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