COVID-19 has certainly come out of left field, resulting in many changes to our daily lives. It required many innovative ways to face its challenges, from the very serious situations involving our health care professionals to the light-hearted ways people are dealing with self-isolation.

Our company develops software solutions for businesses. We have responded to the necessity that COVID-19 has placed on Australian businesses large and small to work differently. With Home Squad, it is a dedicated business software to help navigate through these times and into the future successfully.

COVID-19 has created a necessity for businesses to have their staff work from home. Home Squad’s solutions allow businesses to manage remote workers as if they were in their normal office environment, although working from home. Everything you require of your staff can now be accomplished remotely allowing managers to give better services and build profitability. 

Home Squad provides employees with the tools and processes to accomplish their daily tasks in a timely and stress-free way.

Home Squad helps management and staff to meet their duty of care through these times. 

COVID-19 has given all of us a unique opportunity to stop and reevaluate how we work.

May we take this opportunity to work smarter and happier.

Home Squad helps owners and managers look after their teams, build productivity, and meet customers’ expectations.

Home Squad creates the legacy of COVID-19 as stronger and profitable businesses, where all can enjoy an enhanced work-life balance.

Work better with Home Squad. You will enjoy the change. And change is good.
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HomeSquad solutions empowers companies to manage the compliance and performance of their staff while working from home, in the office or from a remote location.

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