In Australia, when an employee is working from home (WFH), the same duties apply to the employer as in a standard environment.

The employer should also consider the change in circumstances and the impact this has on the environment and the employee.

Streamlining with Workforce Management Software Australia

In Australia any employee working for 12 months or more in the same organisation is able to request for a flexible work arrangement. The employer is required to manage and justify his decision.

When an employer is reviewing an employee working arrangement application, the following aspects should be reviewed:

  • The validity of the reason for the request
  • The impact on productivity
  • The suitability of the working environment
  • The sustainability of the arrangement over time
  • The impact on the current employment contract
  • The budget required to setup the arrangement

With Homesquad’s HR software Australia, the onboarding process and application management, such as delivering feedback, approving, or rejecting, all takes place in a single platform.

Remote Workforce Management Australia: Facing the Challenges

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Control the new work environment

As the employer, you are responsible for the actions of your employees during their working hours. It is essential to ensure the rules have been explained to the employee.

It is your responsibility to set the right tools so you remain in control of your employees. Finally you need to ensure you maintain records and document all activities so you are able to deliver reports and audits in case of an incident.


Setup a WFH Policy


Control compliance often


Record all activities


Alert, report and audits

The Homesquad HR workforce management software allows you to manage policies for remote workers with ease.
Ensure that your operations and staff management remain compliant to local and global standards with our platform.
From attendance to leave and absences to payroll, our workforce management software Australia helps you monitor all workforce activities.
With our HR workforce management software, you and your team can keep connected and up-to-date anytime and anywhere.

HomeSquad allows you to present and obtain a legally binding sign from your employee on the new policy, review their working environment to ensure they are safe, control their location, record their start time and record their activity.

You are required to ensure a duty of care

While working from home the employee is under the responsibility of the employer and the duty of care still prevails.

The employer should perform a reasonable effort to ensure:

Direct Point of contact

Direct Point of contact

The employee is provided with a direct point of contact

Safe place to work

Safe place to work

Ensure the work environment is safe for the employees

Stay informed

Stay informed

Provide access to existing policies and inform on changes

Safe & Healthy

Safe & Healthy

Ensure your employee is safe and in good health

Complaint Record

Complaint Record

Enable an anonymous complaint record system is available

HR services

HR services

Provide basic HR functions such leave and OT requests, expense claims and other self service HR solutions

HomeSquad supports you in maintaining a compliant environment by delivering online solutions to each of the above points.

Workforce Management on a Single Platform

Who says managing remote employees is impossible? Homesquad delivers a robust HR management software Australia that lets you integrate functionalities to manage employees and boost productivity.

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performance dashboard view

Workforce Visibility: A Feat

Information regarding your workforce is recorded on a single platform, ensuring that you can get the data you want whenever you need it. You never have to wonder where the paperwork is because it’s all recorded in the software.

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