High performing workforce management software for remote teams

Homesquad.io is an expert in remote workforce management system, increasing the productivity of the online working environment to deliver successful outputs.

*** We Support Australian compliance requirements

High-performing Workforce Management Software

Harnessing teamwork and enhancing employee experience via the cloud is what we offer. Homesquad.io’s wfh management software is the right tool that supports compliance requirements, pay rules, and regulations that are unique to your business. It is purposefully developed to drive better business outcomes for any company, big or small.

HomeSquad.io addresses unique issues met by teams working remotely:

  • How do I ensure my initial productivity gains continue?
  • How do I get my team to develop relations and interactions?
  • How to understand my team sentiments and address isolation concerns?
  • How can we deliver my duty of care, when I do not see my people?
  • How to ensure my people are following processes and policies?
  • How do I have productive reviews with my staff?
  • How to deal with conflicts?

How do we deliver success

Unique features

Our workforce management software is the perfect seamless solution for remote teams that fosters engagement and productivity, no matter where everyone is.
Unique Login Function

Unique Login Function

Facial recognition and location for security, accurate time-in, work notices, team communications, take 5s and well being surveys.

Performance Management

Performance Management

Team roasters, timesheets, team availability, processes & approvals, real time reports and dashboards.

Social Engagement

Social Engagement

Rewards, feedback, company calendars, peer to peer engagements, rewards and gratifications.

Why choose us?

Mobility matters

Remote workers need a responsive interface that can be accessed on-the-go, which is what we deliver to our customers. With us, your productivity management is a success.


The Homesquad.io platform is designed with integration in mind. Get more robust options in customising our suite of services, starting with the solutions that matter to you.

Industry-leading workforce suite

Homesquad.io’s remote workforce management software is automated, compliant, and flexible to cover all areas of the enterprise, whether local or abroad.

Real-time engagement

Responsive software shapes interaction on any device, while the self-service functions ensure that employees are engaged anywhere and anytime.

Innovative remote workforce management

Our future-ready suite focuses on transforming user experience and leveraging technologies to create a more conducive working environment.

Top-rated Workforce Management Software for Your Business

Over the years, we’ve helped countless customers improve performance and productivity within the workforce. Homesquad.io can be the partner that helps you build your enterprise from the ground up.

Tailored to your needs

Homesquad.io understands how businesses have unique requirements, which means that services need to be scaled according to the level of remote work performance management your enterprise needs. Familiar and intuitive, our workforce software brings collaboration and compliance to a high standard, while also ensuring that customer experience is at its best.

Smart platform

Workforce management problems are inevitable in a remote working environment. So we made sure that these potential issues are nixed before they can hurt your bottom line. Our wfs is smart and fast and offers valuable insight and recommendations that enhance that help manage remote teams with ease.

Cloud-based solutions

In the course of digital transformation, legacy systems are quickly losing the advantage. Leveraging the modern cloud is what Homesquad.io’s workforce management suite does, which gears it up for new and emerging technologies. Your enterprise will never get left behind with our workforce suite’s API integration, advanced computing, artificial intelligence, and other capabilities.

Simple, elegant and efficient

Keep sight on your people’s availability, looks and whereabouts
Manage enrolments, control environments and personnel safety
Follow on progress, identify risks, take proactive actions
Keep the pulse on your team sentiment
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Our talented team all share the same passion for technology and people. We have made it our mission to create a better environment for remote workers to combat isolation while helping everyone to enjoy a better work life balance. So you can do what you love while enjoying the journey.

Homesquad.io’s Workforce Suite Components

Remote work has broken the barriers that the traditional 9 to 5 schedule has set. Our flexible platform allows monitoring the work put in by your employees.
Streamlining your employee’s leave and absences while also complying with regulations is what our products offer. Get full coverage for all leave policies in one go.
Rostering is a dynamic process, and our platform offers it just as it should be. View and manage rosters in a few clicks.
Keep up with labour demands via our workforce suite, which follows the unique drivers for your enterprise: forecast future staffing needs and slash costs along the way.
Homesquad.io supports Australian compliance requirements. Our tailored approach comes balanced with solutions to compliance concerns, whether local or global.
Tracking tools on our wfs are optimised to give you accurate and timely data. Whatever the work environment (i.e., location, offline, or online), there’s an option for everyone.
Making informed decisions is crucial for any business, be it a small, medium, or large enterprise. Labour metrics are made accessible to improve your overall organisational performance.
Remote workers can expect a personalised experience while using our suite of services, offering them the support that they need to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
Granular data takes you to the bottom of workforce management. Make smarter decisions and empower employees to focus on what matters: positive business outcomes.
Next-level integration on our software ensures that you are privy to business-critical solutions, with options to integrate third-party systems on a single sign-on function.

Discover how Homesquad.io can assist you in remote workforce management

One customer’s need is not the same as another. Let us help you achieve your goals and maximise your budget with services that cater to your requirements. With us as your partner, getting to the right solution is not only a possibility but a reality.
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HomeSquad solutions empowers companies to manage the compliance and performance of their staff while working from home, in the office or from a remote location.

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